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Начало Компютърни компоненти Компютърни кутии Кутия за компютър Zalman Case Z3 Plus USB 3.0 черна с прозрачен капак

Кутия за компютър Zalman Case Z3 Plus USB 3.0 черна с прозрачен капак

Вид: Mid Tower | Форм фактор: ATX; Micro ATX | Захранване: Няма

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Цена: 94.00лв
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Детайлно описание

Optimize the cooling performance with 5 fans.
Maximizes the air flow keeping the HDD and the system cool.
Supports bottom PSU installation for effective cooling of PSU, and also helps to stabilize the case.
USB ports, audio socket, power and reset buttons set on the front for user convenience.
Side Acryl Tuning provided for users to view the interior.
Dust filters on the bottom prevents dust entering.
Luxurious interior with black / white coating finishing touch.
Place smart phone, external hard drive on the stand next to the USB port for convenient charging and connection.
Supports HDD Hot Swap bay for easy installation even during the operation (Z3 Plus Only) 
Multi guide provided to prevent VGA card from bending and for installation for additional fans.
Anti-vibration Rubbers on the bottom of the case and the PSU installation area offer the vibrations free Quiet PC Environment
Without the side guide 360mm high performance VGA card can be installed.
Edges are molded nicely to prevent had cutting injuries during installation.
Extra 2.5” HDD or SSD installation space provided at the bottom. 
Separate aperture for CPU cooler is provided for convenient CPU cooler installation without having to
remove motherboard from case.
Вид: Mid Tower
Форм фактор: ATX; Micro ATX
Захранване: Няма
Брой гнезда: 2 x 5.25" Drive Bays
4 x 3.5" Drive Bays
1 x 2.5" Drive Bays

2 x Top: 120 mm 
2 x Front: 120 мм
1 x Rear: 120 мм 

Портове: 1 x USB 3.0
2 x USB 2.0
1 x Audio In/Out
Размер: 192 x 465 x 430 мм
Цвят: Черен
Гаранция: 2 години гаранция

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